163 makers livestreamed a #24hrstartup

24 Hour Startup TV - Interviews, activities, and other fun stuff.
😍 Product Love - Get 🎁 rewarded for sharing products you already use and love 😍
Peasy - Table payments made easy
Eunoia - Words that don't translate
Burst 💨 - Turn your blog post into an easy to read stream of words.
Gridly - Create beautiful Instagram feeds
GymPal - What you actually want to know about gyms
Teeny Breaks - Science-based mindfulness tips for makers
SayHenlo - Chat without distractions
Indielanding - Slingshot web users to your mobile app
Code Ponder - Marketplace for Code Reviews
Try Bible - Learn the Bible for yourself by writing about it.
Looking 2 Work - Reversing the job seeking model - never again!
Rounditt - Never mess a book on the shelves - Tweetdeck for Reddit - Remove the clutter and get directly to the content you love!
SeizureBlocker - Disable GIFs that may cause an epileptic seizure - Create a website for your Telegram channel, group or bot
StckFcst - Like weather forecasts, but for stocks
Heartbeat Canvas - Generate art from your heart rate
Box Breath - Learn how to box breath like a Navy Seal - Free community for makers to get feedback in every stage of the development.
Freelance Website/Blog - Freelance by Nick Gurney
Opsbot - Hire a robot. Opsbot is DevOps built for indie makers.
Progression Pack - Map your design skills and build your career - Boxing Match Ups
Clock In Activity - Own your time
ApiGuard - Use rate-limited APIs from the browser without limitation. Goodbye backend! 🛡👋 🤘 - A shareable profile that sums you up as a maker 👨‍💻🛠👩‍💻
CommentApp - Integrate comments on any site in minutes
NoMorePopups - Automatically opt-out of tracking and hide popups on websites.
Will Add Later
MetricsInbox - Human Friendly Google Analytics Reports
Surveyval - Customer development survey as a service - Turn your podcast into an Amazon Alexa skill
Bottom of the Docs - A Documentation Layer for the End Users of All Levels
CoderStory - Learn to code from developers across the globe!
Eth4Cash - Ethereum p2p exchange
Lupyo - Don't leave your outfit choice to chance
Pod Shuffler - Shuffle Through Podcasts to Find New Favorites
Roam - Create and share the places you roam around the world
Roam - Create and share maps for the places you roam and love around the world
House Advisor - Tripadvisor for renting and buying houses.
Hacker Jams - Collaborate & Skill Swap with other Digital Makers
Luxbunch - iOS and Android Luxury Nail Art App
Timeblocks - An agenda timer for meetings
[Didn't work out] - Long-form data-driven disagreements online
🍰A/B Cakewalk - Automatic A/B Testing! It's not magic... it's cake! 🍰
📃 - Protect your intellectual property.
Tamtam - Digital pets which eat and evolve.
Privacy First Products - A curated list where you can discuss privacy first products
Drive to site - Google drive on drugs
SinAula - Encuentra y valora toda la formación online en español.
Notify Me - An app for workout progress notification
Arvis - Voice controlled expenses tracking app - Control your financial life using your voice.
GetFunded - Raise investor funding like a pro.
DrawRun - Plan your runs by drawing them on a map! - Build better newsletters 💌
mojo url - URL shortner for retargeting
NextHop - Encounter the world together
datachimp - Automate Data Versioning for ML and deep learning
HookTransformer - Process, save, and forward incoming webhooks
Like X but for Y - Website That Pokes Fun At Copycat Startups
To-be-named - User-friendly analytics
Table Engine - A buddy to restaurant manage busy periods
LIMITS.RIP - May your limits Rest In Peace!
uxiboard - Collect UX inspiration the right way
TechSpotter 🌎 - A map of the world's top tech cities
TODO Trip - Todo app 📱 for travellers and their trips 🗺 in mind - Walkie talkie in your browser - Update your Product Changelog in Seconds
Confstack - Trustpilot like reviews for conferences, speakers & venues Time Tracking - See Where Your Day Went
NomadScore - Rate WIFI from Cafe’s and Hostels!
Repose - Putting service providers in front of those who need services.
Game Night Invite - Don't waste time arguing which games to play during game night, do it ahead!
Step Zero (Makers Ideas Diary) - Smart way to jot down ideas and shape them while they're still fresh
Get Meta - An API for getting meta information from a web page
ShareMetrics - Easily share metrics with your team.
Niche sites
BLOCKVAULT - Encrypted, secure, user-owned password manager
chatNGEN - Decentralized P2P Chat - Never have a dead link again...
FutureVision.You - Envision and build the future, one day at a time
Ready, steady, do! - 🏁 Multiplayer todo-list race! - Live stream Podcast - Live natural disaster and emergency preparedness chat.
TODO PWA App - The lightest To-do app for your phone
FluentRead - Learn vocabulary while reading a text!
Trackly - Track your Product Hunt launch in Telegram
Clear My Feed - Twitter, Instagram, Clear, Feed
PTRbot - Plan Travel Right, through the power of bots.
Desk - work anywhere
Outglobing - Experience Cities Around the World - One click blog from your Instagram.
☕️ Lattes for Change 💛 - Skip a latte and save a life.
Most Instagrammable Spots - A site with crowdsourced rankings of what are the best places to take photos
Sleep Services - Listen to natural sounds and help you sleep and relax.
Daily Moment - Take control of your anxiety, one moment at a time. - A professional platform with 0 maintenance
NonStopFlightList - Pick Your Flight Duration
ThoughtfulSMS - Weekly thoughtful messages via SMS
Visualize It for Airtable - Insights at a glance for your Airtable backend
Ukiyo - You travel, We plan.
Find a new hobby - Platform for finding and starting a new hobby
Quora Scanner - 🚀Exponentially grow your Quora traffic by finding the best questions! - MVP starter kit to build it from 0 to hero
First Dev Jobs - Encouraging stories of how people got their first jobs as developers
OpenLotto - Lottery Reimagined
Yo Team - Keep yo' team on track!
Feedby - Privacy friendly and lightweigt chat widget
Amazing Analytics - Measure how people engage with your content
ChainHack - Enforcing TDD/BDD via blockchain
🗞Newsletter Wall - Newsletters under control.
hnalert - Don't Miss Your Favourite Hacker News Article
MakerMix - A Database of Startup Pitch and Updates
BEAF - Share a Before & After pictures as a single post to get unbiased feedback
Where To Eat Now - know where to get your next meal from
Tinylogger - Minimal, distraction-free, lightweight blog
Emailssary - Customizable, professional looking email template set for startups.
WorldFoods - Country specific foods explained
Time Well Spent - Toolkit
Portraits by P - Personalized portraits, made-to-order
IndieTV - Background or not TV
Gym Buddy - A workout builder tailored to the equipment you have access to.
Cannaboard - Find a Job in the Canadian Cannabis Industry
Deal Indie - A flat fee dealsite for indie makers - Nonsensical Joke Generator - Need a Joke, Leave a Joke
Pomodoro Timer Battle - Pomodoro Timer Battle
Gateproof - Find all the issues of any smartphone in one place
Textosonline - Online text sales platform
Topic Based Keyword Research Tool - Find the missing topics in your content
Fluency App - Learn anything effectively
Onboarding list - A curated list of Onboarding Workflows from famous websites
InstaLand - Create amazing landing pages for your followers
Gilted - Guilt free giving
Pivoting - Pivoting
Poker Tools - Poker Tools on iOS & Android App
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