The 24 Hour
Startup Challenge

105 #24hrstartups were launched on November 17, 2018.
Free community for makers to get feedback in every stage of the development.
Deal Indie
A flat fee dealsite for indie makers
Disable GIFs that may cause an epileptic seizure
Turn your podcast into an Amazon Alexa skill
🍰A/B Cakewalk
Automatic A/B Testing! It's not magic... it's cake! 🍰

165 makers livestreamed a #24hrstartup

Gateproof - Find all the issues of any smartphone in one place
House Advisor - Tripadvisor for renting and buying houses.
Get Meta - An API for getting meta information from a web page
Time Well Spent - Toolkit
[Didn't work out] - Long-form data-driven disagreements online
Trackly - Track your Product Hunt launch in Telegram
Notify Me - An app for workout progress notification
Tamtam - Digital pets which eat and evolve.

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