The 24 Hour
Startup Challenge

105 #24hrstartups were launched on November 17, 2018.

Automatically opt-out of tracking and hide popups on websites.
Onboarding list
A curated list of Onboarding Workflows from famous websites
Topic Based Keyword Research Tool
Find the missing topics in your content
MVP starter kit to build it from 0 to hero

165 makers livestreamed a #24hrstartup - MVP starter kit to build it from 0 to hero
Rounditt - Never mess a book on the shelves
Cannaboard - Find a Job in the Canadian Cannabis Industry - Boxing Match Ups
Ukiyo - You travel, We plan.
House Advisor - Tripadvisor for renting and buying houses.
Feedby - Privacy friendly and lightweigt chat widget
Indie Match - Connecting makers to help them make progress together
Fluency App - Learn anything effectively

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