The 24 Hour
Startup Challenge

105 #24hrstartups were launched on November 17, 2018.

This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design.
Freelance Website/Blog
Freelance by Nick Gurney
Find all the issues of any smartphone in one place
never again!
Live natural disaster and emergency preparedness chat.

165 makers livestreamed a #24hrstartup

CoderStory - Learn to code from developers across the globe!
Table Engine - A buddy to restaurant manage busy periods - never again!
Onboarding list - A curated list of Onboarding Workflows from famous websites
Clear My Feed - Twitter, Instagram, Clear, Feed
Surveyval - Customer development survey as a service
Ukiyo - You travel, We plan. - Remove the clutter and get directly to the content you love!
Opsbot - Hire a robot. Opsbot is DevOps built for indie makers.

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