Mo Rajabifard

built a #24hrstartup on November 17, 2018


Yay! Call me Mo. ☺️ I dropped out of HS 1.5 years ago to go full-time on making and exploring! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» I built which became #1 product of the week. I'm learning stuff every day from wonderful people like you! I built StepZero, to help makers shape their ideas ASAP! πŸ€—

My #24hrstartup

Step Zero (Makers Ideas Diary)
Smart way to jot down ideas and shape them while they're still fresh

It's locally saved always, it's fully encrypted in the database using "Military Class Encryption", joking aside, it's fully encrypted and no one can read your ideas unless they can hack multiple secret keys each with a length +20 and safe.

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