Will Sacks

built a #24hrstartup on November 17, 2018


✨✨ Note: I finished it! check out what I built at www.get-funded-now.com ✨✨

After raising $6M for my last company and seeing the massive headache that is startup fundraising, I decided to make a product to help early-stage founders learn everything they don't know they don't know about fundraising. Stay tuned.

Creator, musician, mentor, entrepreneur, burner. Co-Founder @Kindara. I like to make things. More at www.willsacks.com

My #24hrstartup

Raise investor funding like a pro.

After nearly killing myself raising $6M for my last startup (www.kindara.com) I decided to take everything I learned and make it easy for other mission-driven founders to raise the money they need to build their dreams.

GetFunded is an online course and community centered around helping mission driven founders .... get funded.

Raising money is arguably the hardest part of building a scaleable technology company. It's an opaque game with invisible rules. Hopefully I can change that

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