Stuart Russell

is building a #24hrstartup on November 17, 2018


My first website was in 1993. I have been an internet tragic for 25 years. live and breath the stuff. I focus more on online business both building my own sites and for clients as a consultant. Always learning and building

My #24hrstartup

Bottom of the Docs
A Documentation Layer for the End Users of All Levels

Sometimes the reason a product does not take off is that the documentation is neglected (or completed by inexperienced interns) Bottom of the Docs aims to solve this by allowing users to write solutions or questions at the bottom of the page.
I believe one of the reasons was such a success was because of the users find solutions & missing bits that the hard-core dev team didn't want to deal with. I know it helped me. Think SO & Discus at the end of each page in your documentation.

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