Frequently asked questions

Q: What're the rules on getting things ready before the challenge? My initial impression was that we needed to do everything during the 24h (research, making, etc.)

It’s totally fine to formulate and validate an idea, perform crowdsourcing and market research, play with APIs, design mockups, etc. This is highly encouraged, but you aren’t allowed to prepare code ahead of time. All designs must be converted to code live on screen and basically, you must start from a blank code project. Directly preparing code may and will disqualify you from the prize money.

Q: How do I get set up on Twitch?

A live-streaming guide has been put up for those who are new to streaming - check it out at

Do take note, however, that your profile must have your Twitch handle before the challenge kick-off! No handle, not qualified. Also, add your idea, language, time zone, and tags.

In addition, you are required to turn on the setting to store past broadcasts. This will be used to review your submission, live-stream, and video to make sure you are eligible for cash prizes.

Q: How do timezones work? When can I start?

We have made a rolling timezone possible so that people in every time zone can start in the morning and end at night.

You may start at any 24-hour window that you choose, as long as you: 

Start after: November 16 at 8:00 PM UTC
End by: November 18 at 8:00 PM UTC.

The stream cannot be longer than 24 hours and must be consecutive, meaning no cuts, etc.

Easily convert at:

I recommend getting good sleep Friday night, starting early Saturday morning and working as late as you can manage into the Sunday morning hours.

Q: Can I have some buddies help me during the 24 hours?

We encourage teams to join!

But do take note that this event started as a solo founder event, but since then, we have gotten some requests from people that want to work on teams. To be fair to solo founders, we will allocate a portion of the prize money to group teams.

Codestreams has offered 24 hour startup challenge participants access go their platform for team collaboration. DM them over on Twitter at @teamcodestream.

Q: How are the winners going to be selected?

TBD. But most likely there will be a voting page after the startups are launched. This is great because it will drive even more traffic to your products after the stream. I'm still working on getting more sponsors so more to come on how the cash will be distributed.

Q: What about using APIs?

I recommend signing up and getting approved now for any external APIs you plan to use. Sometimes Google or others limit your usage until they can approve you.

Q: I was planning on buying a site theme from Theme Forrest and then customizing it as I see fit, would that disqualify?

Totally fine, as long as you do the customizing during the stream. I always copy landing pages during my streams since I don't want to spend too much time on design.

Q: What's your take on running paid ads to generate an email list for buzz beforehand?

Yes I think that's fine. As far as promotion, anything goes! Use your existing networks, audiences, etc to promote your stream and your products and get creative!

Q: Is it okay to take a break?

Definitely! But take note that your stream should be kept running and turned on at all times. This is so that Twitch will only output 1 video for your stream, not separate ones, which makes it easier for reviewing.
You can put up a screen to tell your audience that you’re on a short break and will be back using OBS. Get those screens at #24hrstartup's assets at:

Q: I’m planning to do the streaming and the startup/project in Spanish because of my audience. Is there any policy about that?

That's awesome! You are more than welcome to do in any language.

Q: What if I want to work on a mobile app and that needs App Store review?

If you need to do something ahead of time that would prevent you from launching that day, then do it.

Q: What is a good way for spectators to get involved or even be notified of progress?

You can join our mailing list or follow Makers Up on Twitter at @makersup. Makers Up has a team working round-the-clock for the whole challenge to send out updates on makers and products. They’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #BuildItLive.

Q: How can I keep API secret keys or credit cards hidden from stream?

Using OBS, you can black out your screen with an image. Most participants will use an image from the #24hrstartup assets. Get those screens at #24hrstartup's assets at:

For the simplest way, all you need to do is toggle “eye” next to “Display Capture” in the image below. Then, put your secret keys in config file and tuck it away, then toggle the eye back on.

Q: 400+ streamers simultaneously? How do I watch all of them at once?

Thanks to @Booligoosh (Ethan), you can tune in to #24hrstartup TV. With #24hrstartuo TV, have all streams in one screen, watch your favourite makers with one click, shuffle to get random streams, and setup your channel and share it with the community.

Access #24hrstartup TV at

Q: I don't have an idea yet, where can I find one?

Makers Up has also put together crowd sourced ideas and tools that you can use for building:

Feel free to pick one and build it!

Q: The competition has started, but where can I ask for some help?

The 24 hour startup competition has an official Telegram group where the organisers, fellow participants, and even spectators hang out. Join it at

In addition, Makers Up will have a team who’s online around-the-clock. DMs are open for support concerns. If they can’t help you, you’ll be referred to fellow makers or other spectators who have offered to help out participants!