Ali Salah

is building a #24hrstartup on November 17, 2018


Maker & Developer. When not procrastinating, I'll probably be helping you get things done 🙌

My #24hrstartup

Ready, steady, do!
🏁 Multiplayer todo-list race!

- Create a todo-list for the next 25 mins,
- Choose another player to compete with (with ready todo-list)
- Finish your todo-list first to win (add proof, both players shall agree about the result)
- If players disagreed, game goes to a referee and points are deducted for cheating.

🏁 Rules
- If both players completed:
* Faster: 5 pts
* Slower: 2 pts
- If only one player completed:
* Completed: 7 pts
* Not completed: 0 pts
- Cheating: -20 pts

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