The 24 Hour
Startup Challenge

97 #24hrstartups were launched on November 17, 2018.

Heartbeat Canvas
Generate art from your heart rate
Learn to code from developers across the globe!
Weekly thoughtful messages via SMS
Poker Tools
Poker Tools on iOS & Android App
Code Ponder
Marketplace for Code Reviews

165 makers livestreamed a #24hrstartup

NomadScore - Rate WIFI from Cafe’s, Coworks and Hostels!
DrawRun - Plan your runs by drawing them on a map!
Outglobing - Experience Cities Around the World
☕️ Lattes for Change 💛 - Skip a latte and save a life.
Gridly - Create beautiful Instagram feeds
FluentRead - Learn vocabulary while reading a text!
NoMorePopups - Automatically opt-out of tracking and hide popups on websites.
Indie Match - Connecting makers to help them make progress together

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