Sean Haufler

built a #24hrstartup on November 17, 2018


Tinkering. Previously: FB Eng, Founder, Google PM, Yale CS.

Recently I made a Poshmark Bot called ClosetPilot [ ].

Poshmark tips:

I blog at

My #24hrstartup

Make more sales, gain followers, and automatically share items on Poshmark

ClosetPilot [ ] is the #1 automation tool for Poshmark. It is a Poshmark bot that will drive more sales for your business, helping you get more followers and more shares for your inventory.

Poshmark tips:

Do you share your closet 2-3 times per day? Instead of manually sharing every single item, ClosetPilot will help you share your inventory automatically, saving you valuable time.

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