The 24 Hour
Startup Challenge

156 #24hrstartups were launched on November 17, 2018.

Decentralized P2P Chat
A Database of Startup Pitch and Updates
Heartbeat Canvas
Generate art from your heart rate
Try Bible
Learn the Bible for yourself by writing about it.

164 makers livestreamed a #24hrstartup

Daily Moment - Take control of your anxiety, one moment at a time.
📃 - Protect your intellectual property. - Nonsensical Joke Generator - Need a Joke, Leave a Joke
Freelance Website/Blog - Freelance by Nick Gurney
Gateproof - Find all the issues of any smartphone in one place
Clock In Activity - Own your time
Arvis - Voice controlled expenses tracking app - Control your financial life using your voice.
GymPal - What you actually want to know about gyms
Timeblocks - An agenda timer for meetings

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